KFF Launches Phase II of Human Energy Project

The Kacyra Family Foundation launched the Human Energy Project in 2018 to study the techno/social dilemma of loss of identity in our technology-driven age. Phase II follows the successful completion of Phase I which was a feasibility study to validate the basic premise and assumptions of the project. Phase II will seek to explore ways to help alleviate the motivational and ethical challenges facing young people today. It will include in-depth studies in the fields of social science, science and technology, and ethics. 

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The International Society for the Study of Information (IS4SI) Summer Conference

The Human Energy Project is sponsoring the Future of the Global InfoSphere (FGIS), one of the mini-conferences of IS4SI. The IS4SI summit conference is being held at UC Berkeley on June 2-6 2019. IS4SI has a wide international membership both from Europe and Asia and for the first time it will be holding its biannual Summit in the US. This year’s theme of the Summit, “Where is the I in AI and the meaning in information” is intended to encourage discussion of some of the most fundamental questions of both information technology and human communication and knowledge and has many intersections with key aspects of the Human Energy Project including the development of the noosphere.

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